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      So what are your plans this rainy Saturday??!

      What have you got planned for today?

      We've got one staying over at Grandparents', and hopefully he'll still get to ride his bike at the velodrome with Grandpa (who's an amateur professional!!). DH is taking either just the remaining 2 boys, or maybe all 3 of those left at home to the train museum for some Daddy time.

      I either get me time at home by myself for unpacking, sorting , grocery shopping - the kind of time I don't get very often (!) or ditto with baby in tow!! I am desperate to excavate the boxes with my sewing stuff in because this weather is making me pine for the opportunity to sit at my sewing machine of an evening!!

      My plans may not be exciting to you but headspace and time for sorting post-move feel good and the weather is an excuse not to feel like I should be doing something else!

      Anyway, right now going to make an early lunch of comfort food involving IKEA rosti amongst other things!
      Me (36), DH (36), DS1 (9), DS2 (6), DS3 (4), DD1 (2), DD2 - BRAND NEW!!! 26-6-11 ...80 ʇdǝs ɹǝpun uʍop pǝʌıɹɹɐ

      Enjoying every day life with all our needs satisfied in this sunscorched land...

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      Off for a bbq at a mates house at about 2...hoping the rain holds off!!! As it's in walking distance ...will make a nice change for us both to have a drink..so am going to make the most of it.
      Looking forward to it...good friends...happy times .



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