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      We finally made it!

      After sooo much trouble selling our house in UK that is now a distant dream. We have spent 3 weeks in South Africa visiting family and have been in OZ now for 3. Most of it has been in a daze. Jet Lag, finding long term accomodation, schools, medicare etc.

      Hubby went for interviews this week - one on Monday and one on Wednesday and got offered both jobs - so he is happy that all this TRA\ARTC and Licencing malarky wasn't for nothing.

      We are 'camping' in our house (our furniture is only due to arrive in Adelaide around the 17th, so probably not in time for Christmas - that would be cool!). So the 4 of us will be having a Christmas picnic on our new bed in our otherwise empty house in Glenelg (- I lie.....we do have a Christmas tree).

      Our youngest (16) is enrolled in Brighton High School for the new year. We are still waiting to hear from the Uni for our 19 year old. Having come here so late in the year it is a bit difficult for them to 'make friends' for the summer. Any of you out there with kiddults around that age that might like to take a couple of 'orphans' under their wing and show them around?

      Otherwise we are still happy we made the move and looking forward to getting our own social network in place. I will be looking out for get-togethers and hope to meet some of you in the near future.

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      Hi Sharmaine

      We have been here for six weeks and are also waiting for our things to arrive from the UK, but won't be til Jan now. So far we love it, but it is going to be a strange Christmas. Our youngest started school a few weeks ago, but Adam who is 16 also is not starting til end of Jan, so has been harder for him to make friends, so if you fancy meeting up sometime let me know. Have a good Christmas, bye for now Gina

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      Hi Gina,

      Would love to meet up, let me know when is best for you. Found out yesterday that our furniture has been delayed and will only arrive end January now......oh well, never mind we'll just picnic on our floor on Christmas day!

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      Hi Sharmaine
      Have sent you a pm, Gina

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      Congratulations we are coming out in July may I ask has your husband applied for the green card ? If so how did he go about this? Have alovley Christmas

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      Hi, not sure what you mean by green card. My husband is an electrician by trade so if you need any help on this subject let me know and I'll be happy to help.



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