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      port noarlunga v henley beach for kids???!!


      we are in a rental in mitchell park until beg. of July.
      considering areas.....

      we are a family with a 2 yr old, who would love the "step out of your door and have things to do type of life", we have some reserves in M Park (which is good), friendly neighbours and I am q settled with some toddler groups... So, difficult decision ahead..

      However, when we go to say port noarlunga, the beach life appears relaxing, easier to have people to stay. We know nobody, so thats a big thing, a year down the line.. We have one or two australian and english friends that will even babysit local to us(we miss the family for this!!!)....

      But if we eventually buy in say 6 months/year, port noarlunga is more reasonable than henley......


      Bit concerned about work opportunites Prt Noarlunga way.....
      At mo, husband works away a load, and i work one day a week in plympton, Jacks childcare is currently plympton and mitchell park (can move his childcare if necessary, although v happy with it....)

      We will prob rent for another 6 months and then try and buy...

      Cheers for any thoughts guys :)!!!

      Sue,Phil, Jack (2)
      Tough decisions ahead. Both still casually employed, one year on!!!!

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      I'm so glad you have asked this question because these are the two areas we are looking at. Henley beach seems a lot dear house price wkseis this cause the area is better x
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      I can't really comment on Port N as it's never really been an option for us. However, we have researched Henely Beach lots lately!
      It's an ideal area for us as, like you, we love outdoor life, walking, beach, city nearby too.
      My husband also travels so the proximity to the airport was also good for us!
      Henley is expensive, although we found a few houses a bit further back from the beach which were quite reasonable.
      I looked at Henley Beach Primary, which was lovely. Small school and I was impressed with the Principal, he has high standards.
      We have since bought in Lockleys, which is midway between city and beach, also on the Linear Park Trail so we love it.
      I am going to look at Lockleys North School which I've heard is very good, so I can let you know.
      It's more reasonable for property in Lockleys than Henley and you're still only 10 minutes either side from beach and city, so there is always something to do!
      Good luck and let me know where you decide as I'll be starting all over again with the children so I'll be happy to meet up!

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      We moved into a fantastic period semi detached home near Henley Square 6 mths ago and absolutely love it! We have a child who is soon turning 4 and have found there is so much to do here and it is a great location to access all the city has to offer! We aren't too familiar with P.N so can't really comment on that. When we first moved to Adelaide we were up in the hills and found that although Henley was substantially more for rent, we ended up the same at the end of the week because the fuel costs weren't as hefty as there was less travel time and distance for us.
      Not too sure on schools - we are approaching that at the moment and have had really good reports on Star of the Sea as well as Henley Primary. Having not experienced either though, I can't really say anymore on that matter!
      Good luck!



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