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      Hi can anyone give me any advise on fetching my dog to Adelaide as getting a bit confused with all the things i have to do, the cost, quarantine, will i have to fly her from Melbourne etc.
      Some one said it will be around 4500 then extra to get her to Adelaide so if anyone has done this lately could you please advise me as really don't want to have to leave her.

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      I'd contact some decent pet shipping agents and get some quotes as it depends on the size of the crate, therefore if your dog is smaller its cheaper.

      For a whippet for example we were quoted around 2500 to ship and then there were the costs of vets before leaving, quarantine and other things. O and getting to Adelaide from Melbourne.

      Have a read of this thread as in some of the replies it covers in great detail the ins and outs of it all


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      I have been in touch with Transfur Animals who have given me a recommendation of www.dogtainers.com.au or e mail errol@dogtainersnsw.com.au . They are a separate service and payment is made directly to them so contact them. They will transfer from Melbourne to Adelaide.
      If you do get in touch with them I'd be grateful if you'd let me know price etc. I am planning to drive from Adelaide and pick my dog up but it's always good to have other options :D



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