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I understand bulbs do blow which is why I regularly check my lights, I also carry a spare set of bulbs.
How do you explain the cars which have got 2 or 3 bulbs blown? sorry, but the I'm sorry officer they must have just blown excuse wont work. I saw a car yesterday that had a head light, side light and tail light out, all on the drivers side. wonder how long he has been and will continue to drive around like that for.

A spare set of bulbs, now that is a good idea. If you are ever stopped for a blown bulb, you can either put one in there or then or hopefully a police officer would let you do it home. I'll sort out a set for both cars, thanks.

Pre-drive Checks!
You would need to check your bulbs everytime you get in a car like a pilots pre flight check - not practical. I think I would prefer the police to speed check oustide schools when the kids are arriving/leaving. I saw many doing 50-60 km/hr oustide my boys school yesterday, some on phones, one drinking from a bottle head back swigging and one other looking down at possibly the radio controls - all whilst speeding.