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Hi Andrew,

Congrats on getting your visa, thats fantastic!
Hubbie and me are from Middlesbrough, will be fab to have some northerners join us!

Before we left home.. we searched and searched for rentals online.. www.realestate.com.au mostly but the dates werent right for viewings as we were still in the UK. So we booked into the La Loft Apts on Charles Street, Unley http://www.booking.com/hotel/au/la-l...FQP1bwodGTYrSg
for 2 weeks so we could get over jet lag, find our feet and get things sorted without a panic. And the apts are self catering which is better on the wallet than a hotel where you're eating out each night! But theres plenty of places likle this across the adelaide area.

We were really lucky that we had three places to look at through PIA members. Alot of poms have bought investment properties here, which is def the way to go! It was more luck i think, i put a thread onto this site and people helped us out. The members are incredibly helpful and its been a lifeline for us!
Once you get your flights sorted i would keeping checking the real estate section on here as people are seeking to rent their place or break lease and need replacement tenants. It does depend where you're thinking of living and working too. We originally planned to live down south but have since settled close to the CBD for the next few months.

For refs, we've not rented since uni and own our home back in England so we gathered all the info we could from copies of utilities bills, bank and mortgage statements, refs from employers to show prospective landlord and that really helps. You'll still need to complete an application and sign up to a contract but bringing all your info speeds things along.

If you have any more q's, feel free to message us anytime!


Hi Annie,

So you arrived. How r you feeling? You settled ok? Pregnancy going ok? Whereabouts have you decided to settle over here? I was from Redcar, just down the road from you in England! Kelly xx