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    Thread: watch UK tv??

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      Quote Originally Posted by snifter View Post
      BBC are looking into having an international version of iPlayer with some kind of small fee charged for use of or some such. It might also have a bit less choice then the full BBC UK iPlayer but I'd imagine it'd still have plenty of quality programmes.

      We use iPlayer loads, in fact we watch more TV via that than on the actual TV when it airs. Its great being able to download to your computer also and watch as and when within a set time frame. Hubby has said once we are back in Aus he'd be more than happy to pay a small fee to have use of the planned international version. He really rates the BBC and its TV making and ways of airing etc and appreciates it enough to want to continue using it if he can.

      And yes, iPlayer and the other UK channels online TV set ups are only intended for people within the UK to view. Hence it not being viewable via overseas IP addresses.

      Hello children ! oh dear sorry didnt mean to cause an argument lol !!

      It would be fab if BBC had an international site where it was quick and easy to download current programmes for a small fee per download....

      But they dont !! and yes they do charge a tv licence fee, which is just another form of tax anyway...BUT Im not going to go there...

      thanks for your help buddies !!

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      But the licence fee only applies within the UK for obvious reasons. Hence iPlayer not being available outside the UK legally yet. They are looking into how to go about it and launch it and cover costs of doing so etc. Or it may be they have advertisting on it so won't charge a fee. So yeah, if and when iPlayer international launches it will be great. I like that the BBC is breaking ground with this sort of thing.

      I personally don't begrudge my TV licence for the BBC. If it means decent TV and radio, no adverts and crap I'm happy. We get iPlayer also for this and its well worth it.


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