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    Thread: what clothes to bring

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      Nice time to be here for a recci, I guess you did not want to come when it was "too hot".
      Good to see the place for real, WInters are cold, Summers can get very hot (the last one was not)
      Enjoy the Recci, the hills are lovely, you should be Handorf tonight with the big open fires rather than on the net!

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      Hi as said above, bring everything as all the houses have big wardrobes and yes I left my lovely warm boots in UK 3 years ago and 2 woolwinters coats and wish I had not.

      I mainly miss the coats it I go out in the evenings and want to wear light dressy clothes like a nice dress etc...

      Otherwise, its layers layers layers, as it can 5 degrees when you get up the morning and as nice as 20 degrees at lunchtime if its sunny...

      I would also take advantage of the UK summer sales....as here you DO wear your summer clothes...

      I am a summer person and love summer dresses etc and in UK only ever got to wear them on holidays.

      I am always on the look out for nice quality and fashionable ladies summer clothes to wear when its very hot, as I dont want to dress like a skinny 20 year old, being middle-aged but want to look nice and cool....

      Its hard here to get nice things that arnt frumpy in 16/18...

      Anyway, back to winter...personally wouldnt bother with wooly hats scarves and gloves....but long trousers and long sleeved tops with layered waistcoats, cardigans etc and light weight scarves are very useful, as are nice warm PJ's oh ans slippers are a must on the hard cold floors...

      good Luck

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      The tiled floors are nice in summer, but very cold in winter.

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      Bring every single item of clothing you own .
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      Quote Originally Posted by ben farrier View Post
      This would be their worst week of the year!
      If it's any consolation, this hasn't been the worst - there's been colder, wetter and windier than this and quite a bit of winter left yet to see a few new worsts!

      Enjoy the rest of your recce!



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