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    Thread: don't panic

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      Great news guys gota laugh, welcome to the visa club.

      Cheers Graham

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      Fantastic news but why clean the kitchen??? Is that a code word ha ha

      Its a brilliant feeling enjoy it

      Kimberley xx

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      Brilliant post guys. and a huge CONGRATULATIONS

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      When do you hope to get over here? Are you doing a reckie? Think you have pm'd me before on Golden Grove but if we can be of any further help ask away.

      Sarah xx[/quote]

      Hi Sarah yes we have PM'd you on GG befor and you might find the floodgates open now as we still think your area sounds a good fit for us. We are not doing a reccie.. Morgan is planning on coming over mid april and me and the kids will follow mid to end of May! Thanks for the offer of help We may well need it!

      Fantastic news but why clean the kitchen??? Is that a code word Quote KIKI

      No not really a code for anything other than cleaning the kitchen! Neither of us has had a full nights sleep since th 22/12/07 due to this nasty cold bug every body in England seems to have had. the possible burgler wouldnt be the only one running a mile if I appeared in the nud! Or is that a case of to much information

      Just a thought, what are your timelines? (from visa application till now?) Quote cormcvcr

      Time lines are:-
      visa lodged 21/6/07
      Case Reference No.21/09/07
      Medicals 1/11/07
      VISA GRANTED 4/01/08 03.00HRS

      Thanks for all the replys looking forward to the meetup end of Jan and to those allready teir see you soon!!!!!!

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      Well done and congratulations, know how it feels because ours arrived Thursday. Just got to sell the house now but don't worry I'm on it.


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