Well for us it means that I am returning home but the main the main reason is for the kids. We are both in settled jobs (although at the moment they are putting more an more on you to do the same job as they know there are no jobs for you to go into) and not too bad off financially. There is no work life balance anymore. However, the main reson is we beleive, rightly or wrongly, there is nothing for the kids here and with having to work longer hours/years they are seeing less of me, especially. We are under no illusions that it will be hard for the first few years in Oz and we will probably just have to work as hard if not harder but I believe that the 'work life balance' is better in Oz. The kids have been warned that they will not be able to just get things when they ask for them and that times will be tough but they are both up for it, the eldest more than the youngest but the youngest is getting more excited as time goes by. Getting use to the weather may take a couple of years but i am sure we will all acclimatise and get to really enjoy it. To sum up you only live once and we think that if we never try then we'll probably regret it for the rest of our lives.