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      Do you have to inform Inland Revenue?

      Just we are returning to the UK shortly and just wondering if anyone knows if you have to fill any forms in for the Inland Revenue regarding tax numbers- to let them know you are returning. We filled in a form when we left the UK (Leaving the UK tax reclaim Form) but I cant seem to find any info on this.

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      Hi Sarah

      You just need to notify them when you return to the UK..it's quite simple you just ring the tax credits line and they should do all for you, you will need your last tax years and this tax years earnings, even if it is in OZZY dollars you just convert it to UK pounds, as far as I am aware they have no way of knowning what you have earned in OZ but my advise is to keep the figures as honest as you can....the child tax credits line will also re-register you for your family allowance....when you return I would just pop in or call your local tax office as well, then you have covered all basis..but definately call the TAX CREDITS line..

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