Hi All,

I hope that there is someone who may have an answer for me? my mother-in-law is starting to go through the contributing parent visa and we are trying to find out; if she has investments over in the UK which are a 5 year investment type with penalties for withdrawing early. Is there a period of time that she is allowed to bring the money into the country (after moving to OZ) without being massively taxed on it?

As my brother-in-law has a permanent residency and has been told he has 7 years to bring all his assets over before they are taxed by the Government.

I have asked my agent who doesn't know and has put me onto a financial adviser but we don't want be tied down to a company yet just want the advise. They have spoken to me on the phone but they want to set a meeting up "no strings" and all that:(

If anybody has any advise it would be appreciated.

Many Thanks