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      Hi there
      Someone probably will know cheaper but my mum in UK uses Talk Talk and gets free calls to OZ for up to 70 mins and then can end call and start again. We use Telstra international package and pay $10 per month - you get $10 worth of calls per month and then pay 2 cents a min (5 cents connection) once you have used up the $10. Do tend to phone and receive calls from family a lot each week!
      Also vodafone (UK) is fairly good if both ends have one. If you use 'passport' and 'stop the clock' the UK end just pays for 3 mins to a UK mobile (whether abroad or not) for an hour and OZ end pays 75p connection. If in OZ calling the UK mobile it works out to 3.75 GBP per hour between the hours of 19:30 and 07:30 weekdays and all weekends
      We are happy with these costs but if someone does know cheaper will be watching as on average spend about 4 hours at least a week on the phone with UK (they don't seem to feel so far away from you then)!

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      Cheap calls to Australia from the UK

      Hi, just noticed your post, looking for cheap calls to Oz - I'm pleased to offer a solution!

      Visit: http://www.cherry-call.co.uk/oceania..._australia.jsp

      Calls from a UK landline cost just 1.5p per minute at all times.

      There are no PINs to remember, no registration forms, and no prepayments.

      Just dial 0844 3030 777 followed by the full Australian number.

      If you have any questions about the service please get in touch.


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