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    Thread: We've arrived!!

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      We've arrived!!

      Hi All:D

      We'll we've arrived in Adelaide and can't quite believe we are here. We've been here a week now and so far everything is good. The flight wasn't half as bad as we expected and we used the meet and greet service which was really helpful. We are renting a nice house in Woodcroft and its great to wake up to the sun through the windows every morning. The girls love it on Aldinga beach and we have been there a few times. We've bought a car, had our SA driving license and got to keep our UK paper one!, taken out ambulance cover which was recommended and have been driving around a lot trying to get to know the area, although we have cheated and bought a sat-nav!! The next step is trying to find a school for the girls (8&11) my first point of call will be Woodcroft primary but there seems to be so many schools. Hopefully some of the teachers will be in next week for a chat.

      I would be grateful if any girlies out there could recommend me a hairdresser please I have been looking at a few in the shopping centres but advice would be gratefully receieved.

      Hope to meet up with some of you soon, Bye for now, Paul,Lorna, Nieve & Holly.

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      HI and welcome to Adelaide

      Hope you are enjoying it and everything seems to be sorting quickly for you! My friend Sasha works as a hairdresser in woodcroft shopping centre. She is in the salon next to 'The Warehouse' shop on the right. Just pop in and ask for her - very good


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      Hi Congratulations on your arrival.

      I believe there is a hairdresser on this site who seems to be getting quite a few recommendations. There was a quite a recent thread regarding her actually.

      We arrive on Monday 28th Jan and when i settle i will be getting in touch with her too i reckon. If you have a look around the site you should find her quite easily.


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      Sorry Sarahsmartiepants, until I learn to drive I can't get to you so I went to someone else, !

      We are using a place in Happy Valley Shopping Centre - a couple of poms own it. Now there's commitment for you...so determined were they to get here that they came on student visas, retrained as hairdressers and when they couldn't find an employer to fit it with visa requirements, they bought a business to make sure!

      Welcome to Adelaide...


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      Hi and welcome to Adelaide. You seem to be settling in quickly, good on you.
      It is Sarahsmartiepants that's getting the comments and praise just lately. Can highly recommend her. Great hairdresser very friendly and a good laugh. Let's not tell her though or she might up her prices

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      get on a bus and see sarahsmartiepants.........amazing


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      big waveywavey to the other side of the world
      welcome back!
      and great to hear that you are settling in so nicely!!!
      it all sounds so easy when you report back to us lol

      can't wait to meet up with everyone and be on the other side myself!!! ;)
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      Hi Lorna,

      Just want to say welcome to Adelaide and I look forward to seeing you on the world famous "Winery Tour for the Laydeez"!!!:D

      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      Hi there,

      you sound as if you are finding your feet really quickly......good for you!

      Best of luck with finding the girls a new school, I'm sure you will find the right one for them soon (as much as they are enjoying themselves being beach bums!)
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Thanks everyone. Hi Liz, I'm looking forward to the winery tour for the laydeez!!!!!

      Should be a good day out.


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