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      Red face Blackwood or Goodwood

      Hi everyone,

      happy new year and hope all had a good xmas, been a few weeks since I posted but have been checking in for the latest info, Anyhoo myself and my family have booked our 1 way flight in Oct (20), so were in the process of looking for areas to rent when we arrive, budjet may be a bit tight to begin with so our 11yr old may have to go to public school to begin with, weve been looking at Blackwood and Goodwood around them area to live. Can anyone give me some much needed advice on them areas and schools, We are looking to be not far from the city and beach we have an 11yr old(she'll be 12 when we arrive and a 2 yr old son, we are looking at paying between 100 -150 per week rent if possible


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      Blackwood and Goodwood are very different....
      Goodwood is very near the city, look at realestate.com.au as there are lots of rental properties around although may be a little more than your budget due to the location. My friend rents there and she says its a nice enough place, quite a mix of people and has a laid back feel to it.
      Blackwood is more like a small town up in the hills. It will be cheaper up there, again have a look.
      Once you have decided on an area we will be in a better position to give advice. Good luck.
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      When you get here have a good look around and pop into the schools for a look - all the areas we loved in uk we pretty much ruled out on arriving for one reason or another and ended up somewhere we had not even heard of and love it!

      If you have a look on real estate it will give you an idea of what is available in those suburbs. You can go into the hybrid view too for pics supplied by google earth for a 'real' look at the neighbourhood.


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      Nearly a year ago we lived in the Goodwood/Unley area for a year and loved it. The rent was more expensive but was handy for everything. We didn't find we needed the car so much, as we walked into the city and found loads of interesting places so we were also more fit! We now live in Hallett Cove and it is totally different, fresher air and different types of places to go and see. It depends what you are really looking for, so don't tie yourself down until you see different areas and find out which is best for you.

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      I did a quick search for 3 bed houses in the two area's you mentioned, you'll need at least $250. per week for rent, more depending on the house you want.


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      Hi Naomi

      We live in Blackwood and have only been in our rental since beginning of December, we pay $330 ( about £150 a week), which was quite resonable compared to some we looked at, this is for a large 3 bedroom house, I think most things in this area you would expect to pay around $300 plus a week, this does include the rates (council tax) and water rates, I guess this would roughly convert to about what you are looking to pay. We love the area and our daughter who is 11 goes to the Blackwood primary school and we are very happy with it, take a look at their website. Good luck and feel free to pm me if you have anymore questions, Gina

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      If you want to be near the beach then Blackwood is quite a long way from there.

      Your daughter should still be in Primary school when you arrive so here is the link for Goodwood Primary School http://www.goodwoodps.sa.edu.au/

      Blackwood http://www.blackwoodps.sa.edu.au/

      i'm afraid I don't know anything about either school. But someone on here will know.

      Your little one won't start Kindy until he is 4. The term before he is 4 you have pre-entry, thats one 2 hour session usually on a friday. Then you can get either 2 full days or 4 sessions, either morning or afternoon.

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      Both great areas, definitely use realestate to give you an idea of prices (current) & take a good look around when you arrive.

      Good luck
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      Smile Thankyou

      Thanks all for the replies, great insight



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