Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let people know that little athletics at Tea Tree Gully is about to start on the last Sunday of the month. Registration night is on Friday 16th Sept. For more information please visit our website http://www.ttgathletics.com.au/

Its a fantastic sport to get into and as parents you are actively incouraged to get involved and join in the fun. The sport caters for 3-5 year olds (Tiny Tots) and then 6-17 year olds. The sport is relatively cheaper than other sports and runs from September to March (summer) and then a cross country season (winter).

Those of you not up here in the North East there are clubs throughout the state, please look up your nearest club on the state website http://www.salaa.org.au/

Its a wonderful way for you as parents and your children to meet new friends and of course enjoy the outdoor life this great country has to offer.

Kind regards to all