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    Thread: Leaving UK for SA on Tuesday, sooo excited yet sooo nervous!

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      Hi Ras, been a bit of a blur the last 3/4 weeks to be honest, haven't had much time to enjoy it, what with having to find acar, house and shop unit to let, and furnish/kit out both!

      We researched a fair bit before coming out and decided we didn't want to be in the suburban sprawl surrounding the city (we are from caerphilly - don't like city life at all, prefer country) and liked the look of victor harbor. We headed there with a holiday rental and loved it! It's gorgeous! Unfortunately there were 3 barbers (my OH being a barber but wanting to open his own business), so had to have a rethink. We have found a shop unit to let 20 mins down the road to let in Goolwa. Pretty town, smaller than victor but no barbers so should be ideal. Have a house rental here too, but after 12 months when money coming in properly will hopefully live back in victor and commute to goolwa. I suppose it depends on work, where it's best to settle, but with my OH being self employed it didn't make a difference to us.

      We sold up all our stuff in the uk, came only with suitcases full of clothes! Been hectic getting furniture together, all second hand, but at least it saved the container costs, as I don't think we have spent any more than what we sold our UK stuff for.

      Hopefully we are at a stage now where we are going to be able to settle in and enjoy life here. My OH's barber shop opens next tuesday and life should slowly ease back to normal. As for getting my children into school, my eldest is 5 and will start reception in january. To keep commuting costs and schoooling cost minimal will probably put her in goolwa primary, which after asking lots of people have only had good comments about. I could look for a kindy for her time until she starts but not sure if worth it now.

      anyway I have rambled a bit, good luck with your journey/adventure, I'm sure you'll love it!


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      Ric & Paula
      We love it there,and pop down a bit,we will visit your barbers so hubby can have a grooming!!And Zack!!Good luck with your venture
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