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    Thread: One Doggie Down

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      Jane & Tony

      One Doggie Down

      Well, one of our Yorkies has gone to his new home. Never had to do anything as hard in my life!! Three days on and we are both still very upset. We know that he will be ok as his new owner has always had dogs and he'll be well looked after but it still hurts.

      Be a good boy Basil (Boo-Boo)

      I just hope it's all worth it.

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      Hi Jane & Tony

      I can sympathise. We re-homed our beautiful 5 year old golden retriever Daisy ( she has gone to live with my parents ) and it is honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do!! We couldn't mention her name the first few weeks without me bawling, and 6 weeks on it's improved, but not much! I suppose it's hard because I still see her when I go to see my parents which probably isn't helping! On the plus side she is very very happy and settled with them and my Mum says Dad is happier these days so win win for them. On the plus side for me, saying goodbye to family and friends when we go in a few weeks will not be as hard I don't think!!


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      I so feel your pain, we are taking our dog, best friend and companion to his new home on Sat. Am absolutly dreading it but know it is the right decision.

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      Jane & Tony
      Thankyou both for your replies. It is nearly one week on now and I'm not bawling anymore, just have very fond memories of the little chap. I just didn't want to put them through the flight and quarantine. They are nearly 9 and nearly 12. The 9 year old has gone and we thought that the 12 year old would have to be put to sleep as he is diabetic and has to be injected with insulin twice a day. Luckily we have a new home for him and his new owners are not bothered by his illness. Plus he will have a girlfriend!! We did not realise how much he hated the other dog. He is playing like a two year old and does not miss Basil at all!!

      I think that when Oscar goes to his new home we will have cried out.

      Good luck to you both with your goodbye's, both animal and human. It will be worth it in the end. xxx



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