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    Thread: 16 months here, soo homesick, thinking of returning to UK

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      Jane & Tony
      We land in Adelaide in two weeks time.
      Leaving behind our very loved doggies.
      Our mortgage rate finishes in 6 months time and we won't get another (after 5 years of paying) as the house has low equity and nearly all mortage companies want over 10% deposit. Fuel is 1.40 per litre. I've been made redundant twice in 3 years after working solidly for 30. My Husband, Tony is a carpenter/builder and has lost 3 jobs in 3 years due to downturns. There are NO decent jobs (over 2.5 million unemployed). We've had the coldest summer I can remember. 2 days of 28 degrees. Last winter was freezing -12 to -15 some nights. It's mid October now and we have our log burner roaring. Traffic is terrible with jams all day. OAP's are a burden and Not looked after. The beaches are packed if it's a nice day (if) and are not very nice anyway..............
      I could go on and on but my fingers will cramp.
      Yer, you come back to the UK. It's GREAT!
      Think I'll get my head down, get on that plane, make some mates and look after ourselves for a change.
      Now I know why we want to leave. Feel so much better.
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      Interesting read from all, we are coming over for our three week visa validation trip on the 4th Feb with our two sons 4 & 7 and as we move nearer to that date I am now trying tp find a job so we can make it a one way trip. For my wife and I we are leaving behind a lot and in all reality we would have a cosy future in the UK as our earning potential is very good and we have many good life long friends so we do not expect it to be all plain sailing.
      That said our boys are young enough that they have not yet set up the long term friendships we have. We come from Harlow in Essex (yes, essex boy and proud of it) and on the odd occasion I take my kids to school the language that comes out of some of the parents mouths is nothing short of foul so I worry for the influences that will be put on my boys if I stay in Harlow, which isnt now the place I grew up in. 2.5 million unemployed of which most of them are school leavers age, no manufacturing which once made our country great and why I did a five year engineering apprenticeship when I left school. When my boys leave school they may be lucky enough to sell a burger or a tin of beans and that will only be after mum and dad paying thousands of pounds to get the degree needed to get them the interview.

      So for us, the best thing we can do as parents is come over, have a good time get citizenship and never lose the ashes again and ultimately give my boys a choice when they are old enough, two passports one UK and one OZ.
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      Jane & Tony
      'QUOTE' We come from Harlow in Essex (yes, essex boy and proud of it) .....

      My OH is from Billericay in Essex. Nothing wrong with that, lol

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      Hello fellow Essex people! What you should do is print off what you have written and tuck it in a diary somewhere. When you get here, you are bound to go through a few doubts now and again, and it's really good to remind yourself why you have made the move when you have down days. For some it works, for some it doesn't and often it takes more courage to admit a mistake and put it right than to do it in the first place.

      It's not perfect here, but life is what you make it and there's always that old cliche to fall back on ... "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dazzlin View Post
      Hi guys,

      Interesting to read this as we're mid-preparation to move out to Adelaide. I know SA is not without its problems, but I thought I'd list some of the reasons why we're hoping to join you all soon:

      The UK has run out of money. Everyone's talking about the deficit (the difference between tax receipts and government spending) but the UK's overall debt is far scarier - currently 1 trillion pounds and expected to be close to 2 trillion pounds before the government predicts being in surplus and can start repaying the debt (and you know government predictions are always optimistic so you have to wonder what it will actually get to!). The coalition government hasn't even scratched the surface of the required cutbacks and we already have increasing unemployment and the threat of trade unions coming together to organise widespread disruption.

      Inflation is 5% and rising. There's very little the government can do about this. Furthermore, wages are being held or lowered so income in real terms is significantly worsening.

      We're still banker bashing and are cutting our noses off despite our faces. Britain's USP is banking yet, to satisfy the thirst for blood, we're intent on forcing the hand that feeds us to take our food elsewhere. I'm not a banker and I think they owe the UK taxpayer a debt of gratitude but I can't understand the self-defeating witch hunt.

      The British, like many, are very materialistic. The lust for things we can't afford and the easy access to credit have left many in very difficult positions. I worry that there are many people out there that are only surviving because the Bank of England base rate is 0.5% - what's going to happen if it returns to the more usual 5%?

      Our Victorian infrastructure has been poorly maintained and there's no money to bring it up to date.

      Our treasured health service is a costly and wasteful luxury. I've recently had a heart operation and know how good the care is once you're in the system but I've also seen how inefficient and wasteful it is. I would much rather pay for healthcare (in place of National Insurance contributions) and be able to choose my healthcare provider instead of having to pay for the NHS.

      Pensions - what pensions?

      Then there's the weather!

      Ultimately, however, it's not about money or lifestyle: it's about my kids and their futures. Gang culture, knife crime, drugs - Kids seem to have no respect for anyone and, thanks to the society we've created (repeating an earlier point), the current generation seem to have developed an undeserved sense of entitlement (hence the recent riots).

      Their education is no longer a right and, worse, it's becoming unaffordable. If my kids go to University it's going to cost them 9k a year at today's prices (they're 6 and 3 so I dread to think what that will be in 15-year's time!).

      There are many things we're going to miss about the UK - friends, the relatively short distances to everything (whether its the coast, culture, wildlife parks, theme parks, etc.) sport, television.

      We're expecting the move to involve personal sacrifices. We just hope that we find a nice place to settle and can make new friends. If so, I'll just re-read this post to remind myself why we did it in the first place.

      I know the grass is rarely greener on the other side of the fence - but we have no grass!
      Unfortunately, this is exactly the reason (to the T) why I am leaving the States (for the exception of the weather). I know for a fact that I will be extremely homesick, but I think it's better to have somewhere to go to when the economy collapses. I think after the UK falls, the US will definitely be next - if not before - right down the pipe.

      I have tried to find out - in fact have spent a lot of time asking and reading in trying to analyze what will happen to countries like Canada and Australia when the economy collapses, but since this kind of thing has never happened in history before, I really don't know what to think. I am also hearing that China's economy is in itself a bubble - and since Australia depends on China's purchasing power, Oz's economy may also be severely affected. All in all, I think that Australia will fare way better than the UK or the US.

      To the OP - I think that you should wait until you establish citizenship before heading back to the UK.
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      have you had a chance to check out the rest of australia yet? its like the whole of europe out there! lots of good and bad places! we were fortunate to have explored australia and after 3 years of living in adelaide as this was our origanal plan we are moving on and up to where we fell in love with up in beautiful queensland. personally i dont see adelaide any dfferent from my uk life and its not what i came for i move for a sunny troypical lifestyle so thats it we are off!!!
      only you personally will know whats gonna be best for you! good luck!x
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      We have found after 2 years settling in that too our suprise that life is pretty much the same here day to day as was in the uk but with better weather we haven't been home sick but have missed a few thing The differance is that going back was never an option for us as once jobs were given up in the uk there was not much chance of return we excepted that and have moved on the question is why did you move in the first place as if you when back would those issues still bug you???

      we have watched the uk news and riots, pay freezes, national dept & torys and other stuff have made me beleive this is a much better place for my family as can't imagine a riot in down town adelaide (i guess thongs are not made for chucking petrol bombs!!)

      Look at what you have got! if you are not happy then what would make it better is thare a chance of family visiting?? my parents are coming out for christmas we will be helping them out with cash but still cheaper than going back with the kids (and missing the summer!!!!!) You can't underestimate being possitive as everything is fixable and possible good luck with whatever you think is best for you and your family
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      Quote Originally Posted by -Leigh- View Post
      I'm checking the UK job sites daily.
      Just wondering, but are you checking the Aus job sites also? You came out for a reason and you could almost be giving up (for want a of a better term) at the first hurdle without exploring options elsewhere in SA or Aus.

      And are you really immersing yourself into things in Aus or letting yourself wallow in the homesickness and so on? Being proactive and trying to give it all a chance and exploring all the options.

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      Sarah Sunday Mail
      Hi Cathy and James,

      My name is Sarah Mennie, I'm a journalist with the Sunday Mail newspaper here in Adelaide.
      I'm working on a story about Enlglish people who have moved here and was wondering if you would consider having a chat with me about your experiences?
      If you'd be happy to email me directly that would be great: PM please

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,

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      Hi I am a real loud mouth today but for our American friend leaving for Australia to escape economic woes, it is not all rosy here, my wife has been looking for work for 6 months, Adelaide is only 1 million people and no where else around it, that is not a lot of job opportunities and no where else to go if you can not find one. Also yes Australia is carried along by China but increasingly other countries own both the mines here and the farms so how secure is the Australian boom or abilty to feed itself in ten years time. It also has a lot of poor peole not so far away in Indonesia and when climate change kicks in they may need a lot of help and many of them to come here. I used to think you can escape the worlds problems in Canada or Australia but really they are here too just less intense or a different manifestation.

      Likewise UK does I think have more social breakdown though there is some here but the Australian system is very tough and I think uncompassionate, homeless with children sleeping in Parklands, no help with your mortgage or much with your rent if you are unemployed. You may prefer it but it is not paradise here either, just a long way away which makes it easy to idealise,
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