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      Richard & Amanda
      Hiya Ali,

      Thanks for the warning about the flights! Having met you all I will defo be avoiding booking flights for 17th May . Only joking.

      We received our visa on Tuesday and since then I have been having "are we making the right decision" moments. We haven't had the joy of selling our house yet and are looking to take it to auction maybe. Richard's employer is looking for him to start in April and now I'm under pressure to sell ourwhite elephant quickly. We all want to go out there together but how realistic this is I don't know. I'm starting to worry how Hannah will settle and make new friends which is silly I know kids adapt and she is easy going.

      I think its fear of the unknown and the support structure you are leaving behind. I agree with Pete and know what he is saying makes sense.

      I'm sure Ali you will come out of this a better person with a huge improvement in lifestyle. It's a pity you won't be there on Sunday, hope the ballet exam goes ok.

      Best wishes and catch ya on the other side!!!


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      Hi Ali,
      Not met you - yet...but what your feeling is completely normal...
      I get the same panic moments - its one hell of a decision were making here! But i know its the right decision overall for my family.
      My nan is 83, my ex nan in law is 85, both are as healthy as they can be at their age etc. I doubt i'll ever see them again too, i also doubt i'll ever see my dad again - hes a single 55yr old living in the pub for company...we lost my fil a couple of years ago and it was horrific - but he told us 'chase your dreams and do your best for your children'...
      so we are doing what we want to do - we're giving our children the chance to see more of the world, to have the chance of a healthier upbringing, chance of a brighter future...and we want to enjoy our lives and have adventure too.

      Hope you feel more sure about things - good luck on that flight!!!

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      Oh my goodness!!!!!
      I've not been on the sight much lately Ali because I to am havng the colie wobles as my nan would say after the meet in November I felt ok and thought it will be great meeting new people and trying new things. Then all of a sudden I thought I like the people I know here also my mum is ill an thats the real heart wrencher for me but then i think of the kids future and the way this place is going and think lets give it ago . Then i come on here an see you and Amanda having a bit of a panic and i realise we're all in the same boat so all we can do is drink ourselves stupid when we get there an have all the kids with us they can play and we can sway sorry you carn't make sunday and Amanda we'll panic together !!!

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      monty B

      Chill out!!!

      Hi Ali,
      I've only been here 10 weeks but want to reassure you that everything you are experiencing is entirely normal and once you get on that plane things will feel very different and very real. The Good yes are awful, and there is no easy pain free way to say good bye, just hold on to all of the reasons that made you decide to emigrate i the first place.

      And as for that woman, ignore her perhaps she regrets the fact she bottled out. At least you are giving it a go, better to do that and live a life of if onlys and what might have been!!!

      Hang on in there, I always find wine and chocolate helps.

      Big Hugs


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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Ali.
      As Django said "It is time to be selfish" Time to put you and your faimly first.
      Christ if you didnt have second thoughts i would think theres some wrong.
      Ours friends and familys have organised a leaving party for Me and the missus so we can say C-U-Later not goodbye.
      As the missus says were not dead just moving away and theres always a telephone, e-mail and web cams.
      So my advice is have a party, invite everyone who meens something to you and say your farewells and remind everyone you just a phone call or e-mail away.
      I know its easy for me to say as me and missus have moved around a lot so moving again does not realy bother us.
      Anyways think happy happy thoughts.:)

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      Well Ali... you sound just like my wife Fiona. stubborn,logical and opinionated. All my mates are pretty laid back aged hippies who love nonsense humour and avoid all conflict like the plauge, however Fiona loves nothing better than two bottles of red wine and an educated rivel to set down and have a good debate with.....she's obviously bored with .."yes dear". But seriously the most caring helpful i've met, and even after the most heated of debates is still a very loyal friend, But the other night she really was doubting the whole thing ,worring about all sorts of minor things one of which was will she be accepted for who she is........well i think we all attract like minded people so just with this site alone we are all halfway there. We hope to book flights for april ,may...so get your boxing gloves on... oh yes and we'll supply the beers...Don't frett i'm sure we'll it might take a wee while but it'll come alright in the end... Stu.

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      Hi All

      Thanks for all the replys they have helped make me feel a lot better:D. A lot of good old fasioned common sense goes a long way. To all those of you who have offered to meet up on the other side thank you will hope full see you in a few months. it is good to know that I am not alone with these feelings and that their are people out their who are up for a get together.
      Stu sounds like just the sort of night out I enjoy putting the world to rights and then agreeing to disagree!
      and Pete Morgan says to say at last someone who understands what he is going through I wont repeat what I said however.
      Thanks again every one couldnt have asked for more.

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      Ali the only things you regret in life are the things you never do so go for it and forget the rest,just think of the better life your kids will have.
      Dave & Jacky.

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      Hi there, just reading your thread about getting cold feet and if it didn't have your name on it it could have been our story. We certainly got the jitters (big time) and on the day we left our house we both cried we quite easily could have unpacked everything and stayed. We've been here since October and while still early days we've seen the positive benefits for the kids who are adament that they don't want to go back to the UK. We also have good days and bad but on the whole the good far out way the bad. Nobody could begin to describe how bad the last few days and weeks were going to be and I would still maintain that it was probably the worst day of my life, however having said that once we got to the airport and started to focus on what the future had in store for us, things soon improved. Stay strong stay focused, remeber what made you get on the emigration roller coaster ride and you'll get through everything, good luck!

      We are down South if you're heading this way, we should definately meet up (Lindsey can give you the low down on playgroups etc)

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      There are two lasting bequests that we can hope to give our children - one of those is roots: the other is wings!

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      Chin up Wet Lettuce!!!:D

      There will always be "Mrs Whats her face " being a harbinger of doom and gloom

      Probably just jealous at how brave you and your family are.

      Take the chance with both hands and wring as much as you can out of it:)


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