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      Hi Ali, I really feel for you too.
      Sometimes I stop and wonder that when it comes to the crunch can i go thru with it.
      I only have 1 sister who is a lot younger than me and as our mother died when she was very young we are very close so every time I mention the OZ word she clams up but i have to think of what is best for Stephen, the boys and I.
      It IS a big step but there is no law that says we can never come back.
      My granny died 2 weeks ago and although she lived in England and me in Northern Ireland I didn't make it over in time to see her, we all went over for the funeral but it is my memories of her as I was growing up that I want to remember and not that day.
      You are putting your children's future ahead of everything else and as a mother thats what you are meant to do, think of the wonderful life they will have and as I have been telling myself I would rather go out there and find out if it is right for us that hit the age of 45 and spend the rest of my life regreting that I didn't give it a go.
      Good luck to you all and good luck for the flight that is the bit I am dreading with my 4 kids.
      p.s the woman at the toddler group is a witch don't listen to her:)

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      Just as a quick follow up and thanks for all the replys I am feeling a lot more positive this week and have picked myself up and got on with it! However I had a near miss at toddler group again and I'm sure this is the sort of thing that could only hapen to me.

      At the start of the sessionI asked a freind to keep me away from the wicked witch of last week and Pippa had a run in with a little boy who had reversed over her hand and made her cry.

      anyway that passed over and it came to snack time as it happened we were quite late in and I was aware that their was only one chair left. we were walking round the table towards it and the little boy who had run PIppa over at the start of the session came in and I heard his Mum saying to him you will have to run to get to the seat befor that little girl. Being the non competitive Mother that I am I thought bugger that for a game of soldies you are not flattening my daughter and then adding insult to injury by nicking her seat at snack time.So Pippa sudenly found herself flying through the air with the greatest of ease into said seat. As I settled Pippa in and looked around trying to keep the smug look of my face who were we sat next to The wicked which of the west from last week

      I'm sure theirs a lesson in that somewhere!!!!!!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      As I settled Pippa in and looked around trying to keep the smug look of my face who were we sat next to The wicked which of the west from last week

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      OK no more childish name calling, it's obvious what goes round comes around :(

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      Hi Ali & family,

      Read your post a few times thought I'd already left message but I don't think I have! Doh! Just wanted to wish you guys good luck hope the flights go well. Also don't listen to that lady at the playgroup she's probably annoyed with herself that she didn't have the courage to give it a go herself!! Keep smiling. Good luck
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