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      booked the flights!!!!!!!!!!!! warning long post!

      Hi All

      just thought I'd give you prior warning of the flights to avoid . me and the kids are booked to fly on the 17/May/2008 @ 10am from Manchester. so as a word to the wise if you want a peacefull flight avoid that one. Morgan is flying on the 11/april and when he meets us in singapore, will not admit to knowing us untill he asseses how well the flight has gone and how much the other passingers hate us .I will be the harassed /stressed/ green(and depending on how the flight goes drunk!) looking mother with the 8,6 and 2 year old.

      Now thats over with hear goes with the seriouse stuff!!!!!!!! Switch threads now if you want to avoid it.

      We have been working towards this move for over a year now and all of a sudden I have got cold feet.

      I hate the thought of what we are doing to our familys and have got a severe case of the colly wobbles. I know I am one of those people who is not the easyest to get on with at times and in common with my daughter have what I would call angles. Whilst I am also someone that would do anything for any one and hates the thought of upseting people I can also be opinionated and stuborn. I also do not make freind easily.
      I have some very good freinds here who acept me for who I am warts and all and I'm leaving them behind.
      I am very aware that the one thing I am taking with us is ME and that cant be left behind.
      Granted I have just had the day from hell. Talking to my 86year old gran who has just been told and was needles to say very upset and the hard facts are that as she is not in good health when we get on the plane I probably wont see her again. My other gran is 93 and the same probably gose for her even though she is in good health. Will we be able to afford to come back for the funerals ? probably not.

      Everybody I have met today has kept saying how excited we must be about booking the flights , and I dont think actualy no Im petrifide is the answer they are looking for!

      Also I think I met the worst possible pearson I could at toddle grop today. This woman had as she put it chikened out of the move 12 months ago. She proceded to tell me in great detail however why we were making the wrong decision and that it would have cost them 50 grand to make the move even though her husbands company were going to pay for the shipping and visa costs. She must have said every other line are u sure you have done your recerch properly or I think you have got that wrong. Thankfuly I was rescuded by Pippa marching up and anouncing she wanted a wee! yeah way to go Pippsta

      I know the reasons we want to go havnt changed and will not change unless we take action in one form or another but that isnt helping at the moment.

      Any advice any one

      Other than having a few beers and a takeaway! am doing that one anyway.

      Sorry to have a rant will have to pull myself together and get on with it in the morning
      but for now I needed to vent and couldnt think of a broader set of shoulders

      Ali (AKA the wet lettice)

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      I really feel for you Ali, I am sure what you are feeling is entirely normal. You are bound to have wobbles, I am sure I will but as you said you still know why you started this journey so stay focussed on that.

      Big hugs to you

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      Hi Ali

      Have only been here since early November and I know exactly what you are going through! I can't deny that the goodbyes are very very hard, and it gets very stressfull especially the last few weeks before you leave, but you must stay focused on why you wanted to make the move in the first place and just go for it, life is too short to have regrets. I still have days when I feel very guilty for coming, especially as I have left my mum who is in a nursing home, but I do not regret coming and love it here and know it will be a better future for my children, and thats what you have got to think about, as much as it is hard to leave people especially elderly family you can got to put things in perspective that they have lived their lives and you have yours ahead of you, life is too short for regrets. By the way we love it here it is such a different way of life and I am sure you will too, Good luck, Gina

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      oh i feel for you too! i think every time a new step in the process is reached it seems to bring new excitement, fairly quickly followed by "what the hell am i doing?!!!" its so natural to question and worry about the things you are doing that might (or might not be) wrong.
      pay no attention to the woman you spoke to. not to say she had no valid points, of course doing the research is important, and of course there is always a risk of something going wrong. but it seems to me that there can be a lot of truth in the 'protesting too much' argument, and she might just as easily have been overcompensating for an underlying worry that she made the wrong choice. we could all spend our whole lives worrying about that!
      but if you remain honest with yourself, im sure you'll be fine, whichever way things go. people always cope one way or another . let us know how you go :)

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      Just wanted to say although its hard when you first arrive, if you give it a fair go you'll end up loving it here. Saying goodbye is the worst thing I've experienced but when setting up a new life with the kids you find it does get easier. If you want to meet up when you get here, let us know. We are in the North East


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      Ali, you opinionated? Never

      Hope it's ok. Have pm'd you

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      What you're feeling is completely normal - you wouldn't be human if you weren't feeling this way. Don't worry about making friends - some people you bond with instantly - some you don't ! You will find friends - this place does make you get off your backside and seek company and make more of an effort to socialise.
      Would love to meet up with you when you arrive.

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      Everybody feels this way, lets face it you are leaving all you hold near and dear to set off to the unknown and to cap it all alone with no backup. Its a serious thing we all are doing and done and you'd be strange if you didn't feel this way.

      Once you've done the goodbyes, which by the way are terrible and I could have easily not got on the plane, the excitement will kick in and you'll have a few mad weeks of looking for jobs, rentals, schools, etc etc etc. It will seem crazy and you'll definately have "what have we done moments" but things do settle down and become normal.

      after 2 1/2 years here i drive around and barely notice the magnificant scenery we have. The wide roads and easy commuting, the shops that have no-one in them, the fact I never have to queue up in a supermarket, that everyone is so friendly and when they ask about your day, sound as if they mean it.

      Its difficult to leave family, and mine were all in good health when we left, so I can't imagine what its like to leave with sick ones. I left my 88 year old nan, knowing I propably wouldn't see her again, I kept in regular phone contact and she died last year age 90. it was difficult, I didn't go back for the funeral, just did a little thing here by myself on the day of the funeral.

      as for the woman, well she's probably just wishing she had the guts to go in the first place
      cos it takes balls of steel to do this emigrating lark. Everyones an expert eh!!!!

      Keep focused and you'll be fine.

      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights

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      Thank you! Having another wet lettice moment sat here reading your replys!
      tring to see straight through the tears and the hangover is a little difficult!

      Will have to read through them again lator.

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      Hi Ali,

      Sorry if I seem a bit brutal here but.............

      It is time to be selfish. Not for you but your immeadiate family. As said before look at the reasons you have started this journey. Yes you are going to leave people behind but you knew that from day one.
      You are at the stage you have been longing for for ages. You are there not with just the visa stuck in all of your passports but with the plane tickets too.
      My advice to you is say all your goodbyes before the day of the trip. Don't bring anyone to the airport with you (except the kids of course). We plan not to have anyone at the airport we know.
      Its time to think of you for a change. Put yourselves first. Think of what you think is best for your children.

      You have made your decission all you have to do is carry it out. You got the easy bit to do. Sitting down for a day on a plane with the kids.:p Think of poor Morgan going out all on his own. All the organising he will have to do sorting things out for all of you, all on his own. Then coming half way back, on his own, to meet you. :v_SPIN:

      Seriously Ali you will be fine. Come the day you will step on the plane knowing that you are doing what you think is right for your family.



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