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      Brand new Aussie very imminent....Dual cititzenship question

      Two and a half weeks to go before we have our first baby (gulp!!) - our very own little Aussie!!

      For those who have given birth here - do you have any info on getting the baby dual cititzenship? Whilst we will not be encouraging her to go and live in the UK when she is old enough we would love her to have the option....

      Thank you in advance!!!!


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      If you have a PR visa your baby at birth becomes an Aus citizen. When you go to get an aus passport you will need to show your resident status, ie your visa. Your baby automatically gets British citizenship by descent if you were born in the UK. You apply for your child's UK passport in the usual way. You don't have to register the baby's birth with the consulate as the UK recognises birth certs from Commonwealth countries.
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      Fantastic - thank you! That's easier than I'd hoped.



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