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      nickey and neill
      you are so right guys ( scooterdan, libby, the monaghans)

      your comments certainly help and i know none of us ever believed it was gonna be easy. it is reassuring in a way to know that when we get the wobbles others are feeling the same!

      feeling more positive today and still determined to go for it come what may!!!!

      thanks all!

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      Totally agree with Nicky & Neill

      We were feeling pretty disillusioned after watching the programme especially as we are just about to put the house on the market and due to arrive in June.

      But after reading everybodys replies we feel a lot more positive and agree that this is something we must try as we dont want to be forever saying "but only if".

      We also have have the problem of emotional blackmail but it is slightly different than most as our families keep telling us that we better stick it out in Oz as they have all planned holidays in Adelaide over the next 2-3 years.


      Derek & Jak

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      cornish Busdriver
      i agree with you.
      We were in Adelaide last June and paid a few visits to Victor Harbour mainly for the penguins and see some whale (no-show):(
      Love that chipshop there but to much for me.

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      I'm sure they would have settled in better if they'd moved nearer to Adelaide. Victor Harbour is lovely but it's a long way from anywhere and probably a bit quiet. If they didn't know anyone there when they went, there's probably not so much going on there in order to meet people and make new friends. I felt a bit down after watching the programme and also a bit wobbly, so, again, it's reassuring to know everyone gets the wobbles from time to time. On another note, we agreed a sale on our house yesterday, so it's all getting a bit more real now. Scary, huh?


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      It's Adelaide again tomorrow - set the Sky+/Video.


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