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    Thread: Smiley face "graffiti" in Adelaide ???

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      Question Smiley face "graffiti" in Adelaide ???

      Hi Everyone.

      Have you noticed these smiley faces around Adelaide ?


      I have seen a number of these faces seemingly arbitrarily painted on various structures around Adelaide. Please let me know if you know what they signify.


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      Hi Roger,

      These smiley face posters have been popping up around the place over the last couple of years. They've been stuck up by a local street artist named Peter Drew. The smiley seems pretty fitting with some of his other black-and-white pixelated gear.

      Until recently he kept a low profile but he was recently arrested while attempting to stick up a smiley poster on the David Jones building in the city. Since then he's also been sticking up a bunch of mugshots of Adelaide Criminals from the 1920s, (which I like a whole lot more than the smiley face). I think he might also be responsible for the Einsteins on Bicycles around the city.

      I don't think they signify anything, the cynic in me thinks that it was his attempt at using an image repetitively to gain notoriety, kinda in the vain of the Andre the Giant/Obey campaign (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André_t...nt_Has_a_Posse), esp. given that he's made no secret of his identity...

      This is his website, if you're interested: http://peterdrewarts.com/

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