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    Thread: good/bad areas

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      good/bad areas

      hi we are currently awaiting visas sent electronically begining of october and we have done medicals and police checks so hopefully not to long! we are looking to go around the gulf view helghts area or local areas to this. has anyone any knowledge on if any areas are bad near here which ones ? like drugs, crime etc many thanks kerry

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      Rob and Clare
      Someone has recently asked the exact same question, do a search for gulfview heights, and read a thread called "Area to Live".

      The area is really nice though, including Golden Grove, Salisbury Heights, para Hills, Modbury.... etc....

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      Hi Kerry

      As Rob & Clare said, check the Area to Live thread, I've covered a lot of the information on the surrounding areas.

      Gulfview Heights is basically split into 2 parts. There is an older part which is cheaper, older style houses and at the bottom of the hill running along side Bridge Road which is a busy through road. The new part of gulfview Heights was originally Para Hills and was renamed. This part of the suburb is built on hilly ground with great views over Parafield Airport and the sea. It has a Primary School on the older part. My friends daughter goes there and she is very happy with it. Here is the link http://www.ghps.sa.edu.au/
      There is also a Primary School closer to the new part of Gulfview Heights called Keithcott Farm http://www.keithcotps.sa.edu.au/ and a Private school Kings Baptist Grammar School which takes them from Reception. i have a daughter here and my youngest will be starting Kings in March 2009 http://www.kingsbaptist.sa.edu.au/

      Gulfview Heights comes under Salisbury Council
      This site will give you information on what services are available to you.

      Basically you are in the middle of the two main roads that run into the City, North East Road and Main North Road, both will take you roughly 20 - 25 minutes to get to the City depending on time of day and traffic lights. A run of red lights can easily put 10 minutes on the journey time. Prices of houses vary wildly and here are a few examples for you to have a look at, I've gone from easily affordable to wildly expensive to show the diversity of the suburb and how being in the new bit can cost a fortune. If you like the new part, you must check drainage on the properties as ths can be a problem when we get rain.

      this is on the new bit, Toop & Toop do over price on properties but they are seen as the posh peoples real estate agent.

      This is also in the new bit

      This one is in the middle of the new and old. Wynn Vale Drive is quite busy at rush hour but fairly quiet the rest of the time.

      This is the old bit
      This is the old bit but excellent position, right by the reserve

      so you see, prices range from about $280,000 to $1,000,000. Its a very safe area, low crime rate, not much graffitti, can't comment about the drugs but our local free rag doesn't mention anything with regard to drugs.

      Hope thats helped you out.

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      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights


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