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      ozzy wannabe

      Jennifer Marshall school of dance


      My Daughter has been going to ballet here in the uk for nearly a year now, shes now almost 4 years old an she loves it.

      I would love her to continue with the dancing once we arrive in oz next month. I have found the details about this dance school and was wondering if anyone knows about it.

      I wanted to know if they hold classes for her age group near happy valley. what colour is there costume? also an idea on prices would be a help.

      I can't find a link otherwise I would look myself.

      Any help would be much appreciated


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      Hi Vicky

      I'm originally from Poole, nice to have a few more southern softies on the site.

      I can't seem to find any website for her, just a link with the address and phone number


      I've found this site that might help, you'll have to go through and see if you can find one at Happy Valley

      Or try a post on the Adelaide Brits Forum http://www.adelaide-brits.com/forum/

      there are lots of people who live down south that could help you.

      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights


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