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      Unexpected bereavement in family ,UK. Need advice on quickest way to obtain a RRV !

      Hi All, Wondering if any of you can give me some advice. We have received the sad news that a family member has passed away very suddenly. My wife really wants to attend the funeral, but we aren't sure if we need any documents RRV? to regain entry to Australia. We currently hold a permanent visa, but don't have citizenship as we aren't eligible until January when we will have been here 4 years. We think others have asked this question before, so are hoping some of you maybe able to give us some sound advice. Many thanks in advance.

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      Do you have an expiry date on your visa? If you're still within that time, you won't need a RRV I don't think as it's valid for multiple entries...I think! You could give the Department for Immigration a call in the morning and get it confirmed officially.

      Sorry to hear your news
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