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We have been here for 7 years and when we were looking to move over we were totally set on the northern suburbs as it's were all my family live - Para Hills West, Mawson Lakes, Andrews Farm. We were not even considering any other areas. We did live there for 6mths but knew very, very quickly that it wasn't for us- we only stayed there that long because we were locked into a rental contract. We then moved to Woodcroft (then Happy Valley and finally back to Woodcroft again) and we could not be happy - totally perfect for us.

I suppose what I'm getting at is don't be too fixed on a certain area as it may well not be for you. You really cannot tell until you live somewhere. Also as much as getting your kids into a school with a good reputation is important you also need to be realistic about future budgets and whether the area is right for you all.

hi sally

what schools do you recommend that have a good reputation.