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    Thread: The last post.

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      The last post.

      Well, after much personal debate I have decided that I can no longer stand to come onto the forum and make myself mad beyond belief sometimes to the point of shouting at the screen at the sheer cheek and sometimes childishness of certain members, particularly in the last few months.
      I have been a regular poster on here for years now and at some points in my life have really found it to be a saviour of my soul when things were going really tough. The seemingly unending support from people I have never met and from all walks of life was a constant blanket for me in the dark DIAC waiting times!
      I have also gained so much knowledge about the immigration process and life in Australia and in turn I hope that my experiences have helped others. I have been open for debate and pride myself in my openness and honesty, even when it has got me into trouble. You see, my opinions are just that - my opinion. I do not profess to be an expert of anything nor do I expect to be treated as such, but really, when i enetered this forum years ago when we were searching out our dreams I never expected that it would become such an immense part of my life. I have made many wonderful friends through this forum, some of whom I class as family, but I also "met" (on screen) some people whom I would be glad never to speak to face to face, be it their intimidating demeanour or plain childish and crass behaviour; but of course that is all part of forum life.
      That said I really feel that the forum has declined to the point of me not even being bothered to look anymore.
      So I will leave it as this: I have positively enjoyed my time with PIA and i'm sure I will log in every now and again to check it out, but I have outgrown the forum and it is time for me to make my goodbyes. I am always indebted to the invaluable support I have had and will never forget those that helped me out when I needed it. My thanks to you and you know who you are.
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      I've enjoyed your posts and your input and I'm very sorry that you feel this way. As an intermittent poster on PIA, I too have often felt the same way as you do on more than one occasion. It's a great shame if the valuable information shared here is diminished by silliness. I'm sure you will be sorely missed.

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