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    Thread: Flights Booked - We are on our way!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachael Reeve View Post
      We come over on 5 March and we are saying good bye before we leave home, its a very hard thing to do! good luck with your move, all the best in the new year.
      I remember how awful we felt saying goodbye to my daughter, her husband and our 2 granddaughters. We Gave them a quick hug at the barriers and they went straight through (they travelled Business class, lucky things so had a nice lounge to chill out in before the flight)

      Little did I know that 5 years to the day we would be saying a tearful goodbye to our son at Heathrow and coming here to live!
      Jane and Clive
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      Acknowledged 3rd May 2010, VISA GRANTED 3rd June, 2011, Arrived 5th October Moved to new house 18th November 2011, 2014 Living the dream!

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      It's so good to be reassured by you guys. Thank you for all the advice on what facilities there are at the airport in Changi. Any more will be greatly received.

      We've just got up from new years eve party and 2012 has started with a bit of a hangover but I'm sure it's nothing that a couple of painkillers and a cup of tea won't sort!

      I hope every one in oz had a good time the pic's i've seen on poa so far look like you did. Can't wait till we get there.

      Todays big job is a trial run with the suitcase packing to make sure we don't go over our 40kgs each!


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      Hi Teresa
      Congrats on getting the house sold and flights booked. We had a similar situation with my step daughters dad wanting to take her to the airport. We decided it was too much of a risk with traffic etc so we compromised in getting there a bit earlier to allow him to meet us at the airport where he could say his goodbyes.
      Enjoy your last few days before you set off on your new life.
      (ps used to live in deal and work in herne bay. great little spot)

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      Changi is rated the number 1 airport in the world and with good reason. You'll be fine there. Just read the floor plan, get your bearings from the central area and you are sorted. They have some outdoor areas also, butterfly garden iirc and other things. If you've a few hours to spend there you'll pass the time easily enough I am sure. I remember watching a movie in the cinema one time, having a great meal and making my flight on time.

      Also the swimming pool is a good place if you've got the time. Just make sure you pack swimsuits in handluggage. IIRC they provide towels in the entry fee (like with the showers).




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      Quote Originally Posted by teresa lynch View Post

      Russell and Lyn it won't be long for you now i'm sure. Do you have to sell? We did, needed the capital! but it only took 12 weeks to get a buyer. Hows the market at the moment in Dorset?

      Hi Teresa,

      Ideally we need to sell. Had lots of viewings in Nov/Dec then all quiet again over Christmas & New Year. Fingers crossed that we get some more interest in January. Quite frustrating as it's the major thing that is beyond our control!

      How's the preparations for the shipping going? You must be pretty close now!

      All the best and maybe see you on the other side!

      Lyn x

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      Good luck wit de flight not long now...my family didnt give me a choice abought de airport (they all came)....it was terrible,like we were going to our deaths..lol...funny now but heart breaking at de time,we r here 3 mths now and althou ive had awful days of home sickness i know its early days and giving it our best shot!! Meeting new ppl has been de hardest thing for me,still tryin to make friends,aussies r standoffish sometimes,hopefully wen my daughter starts play-school end of jan i meet some ppl there :-)...good luck wit de flight we flew wit Ethihad and had a super flight,and my 3 yr old slept most of both flights so it was grand!!


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