[QUOTE=Tamara (Homes Down Under)Ms Gambaro said she was concerned about new migrants on work visas not integrating into the community because Australia had failed to teach them about cultural issues related to health, hygiene and lifestyle.

She added that Australians were sometimes guilty of not wearing deodorant on public transport.[/QUOTE]

I think this is a classic example of the media focussing on the seemingly silly BO issue and playing down the rest of it.

That said, everyone knows how body odour can affect the way people are perceived. People who are not fresh-smelling (lol) are surely less likely to be employed, make friends etc which will make integration harder and perhaps lead to feelings of isolation. I wouldn't dog a friend just because they had body odour but the fact is, I would be less likely to get as far as friendship as I wouldn't want to be too near them for too long - not condusive to making friends.

I actually think it is ridiculous that this hasn't been addressed before. One of our mates takes new arrivals through basic training certificates and has shared some alarming tales which highlight a very real need for migrants to have laws and cultural norms explained when they first arrive. That really is just common sense because not all countries have the same laws or consider the same things acceptable/unacceptable.

As for all Australians having perfect hygiene etc, Ms Gambaro does actually mention that isn't the case in the quoted article.

It seems to me that some people are being a bit too critical and PC. I see this as an attempt to ease new arrivals seamlessly into their new lives. Where they can assimilate and not be singled out for not knowing what is socially, culturally or legally accepted in their new home. Because we all know that if someone with a dinky-di accent smells or does something unacceptable to the rest of society, they will be criticised as a person but if a migrant does the same thing, they are more likely to be criticised as an example of their country of origin.

IMHO, of course, lol!