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      Advice needed please

      Hi and a Happy New Year to all...

      we've submitted our Visa (only just now) for a 457 and I just have a question I hope someone who has had the same thing can answer please. We are moving with my Daughter to Adelaide and part of the Visa app asked for a form to be completed by my Daughters biological father & myself which we did and also provide a copy of his passport which we provided to Fragomen, I am just wondering as I have sole Parental responsibility for my Daughter would the Visa people ask me for further proof IE a Court Order to allow me to take my Daughter even though I have her Fathers consent and we were never married and she was born before Dec 2003? If so how do you apply for such a thing? (her Father would be willing to sign a court doc) just wanted opinion from anyone who has been through this as I would need to get the ball rolling now incase there's a waiting time with the Courts.

      Thanks for reading.

      vdM xx

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      Sorry VDM can't help, but thought I would bump you onto the front page in the hope that someone can.



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