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    Thread: 14.5 years in Australia and homesick - Aussie husband & kids!

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      I am in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills.

      I love your user name!

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      Can fully understand your situation. I have been in this country for 30 years...10 pound pom in 1970, at that time I was 5. My Father couldn’t settle and we left after 5 years, leaving half the family behind....the youngest boy being 14.

      In 1986 after finishing my trade I was sponsored back out by my brothers....I felt I was forced into this situation by my parents being that they were under the impression that Australia was a better place. I gotta admit the first few years were tough and found myself travelling back home (Northern Ireland) on numerous occasions but after a while I soon settled.

      I married an Australian girl and thankfully for me she fell in love with the UK and its people and we have been back and forth several times. A couple of years ago my wife dropped a bombshell stating that she, hated living in South Australia. (She was born here some 40 odd years ago).

      In 2009 we looked at the economics of moving back home but the country in its present state did not appeal.
      After 14 months on the market we have finally sold our house and found a part of the world which is on a par with the UK and equally its people are warming. It has taken me 10 years to convince my wife. The options I gave her were either the UK or Tassie.

      Getting back to settling in this country ..I am glad that I never had to bring a family out here as I have seen too many migrants return due to homesickness or the family has split-up. It is easy for males to fit in socially but wife’s are left on the sideline and through despair soon get bored and homesick.

      I have always stated that you have to be in the 20 year club to make this country work...that is 10 years settled and 10 years established...this has worked for me. However given a chance and financially secure I would easily return to my homeland.

      My alternative now is Tasmania. I can only advise that you do what is best for you and hubby but remember visiting a place is not the same as living there.. with Tasmania we are taking a punt….
      I am not promoting the place as there are enough poms there ..but simply telling you that life is full of risks however quite often they are outnumbered by regrets.

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      Wow...delighted for you Minerbird hope it all works out for you and your family :-)....we are only here 6 mths and are returning home (Ireland) in august!! Things have not worked for me (hubby luvs it and wud stay)...I just cant cope with the home-sickness at all,its probably the only thing you cant prepare yourself for,we have met lots of families here who came in and around the same time we did,and all for different reasons,they all it seems have settled and love it here! I have cried every day and been so sad and lonely (even in company)..i thought i was going insane,i was snapping at everyone in the house,not enjoying anything we done and generally struggled through every day just so it would end and i could go back to bed! Finally my wonderful hubby took some notice and seen how much this move has affected me,so after a lot of soul searching and arguments we have decided to return home :-) first time ive smiled in so long! I have been on top of the world the past 2 weeks since the decision was made and im actually enjoying my time now,knowing its just a long holiday,its been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.Im sure everyone comes to OZ for different reasons...thankfully my hubby still has a good job to return to,we sold our home...but so what we will get another one,my 4 yr old DD is so thrilled we are going back she was only 3 when we left and she said to me this morning " Mam I told you we shouldn come to australia"...now I know for sure we are definatley doing the right thing!!
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