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      In response to BJF,

      I swear this country is becoming worse by the day. I currently live in Liverpool. This past month two teenagers have been shot in the city and a 7 year old has been taken into care along with his family for sefety after him stabbing a woman neighbour 21 times because she was arguing with his mother :!: ............... I work as a district nurse and there are parts of the city that you feel physically sick when you see you have a patient there for fear that when you leave the car it will be vandalised, stolen or you could be physically assaulted.
      9 months for a visa we have been told :( , every day is agony but hopefully we are doing the right thing. I was talking to a patient over the spate of shootings within the city and they said that they had missed a couple of reported shootings as a gun attack is no longer headline news :evil:

      Please BJF rethink your move

      Jim n angela


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