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    Thread: Water shortage

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      Greg and Karen

      Water shortage


      I wasn't quite sure which thread to stick this under, so I went for "news"....!

      We have our visas and will be making the move about Sept/Oct 08.

      The only negative I've heard about Adelaide which concerns me is the chronic water shortage. I know this is a serious problem for Australia as a whole, but even moreso for SA (the driest state).

      My question is: how much does this actually impact on people on a day to day basis? I'm not too concerned with hose-pipe bans and I don't mind driving a dirty car. But does the problem extend beyond this sort of thing?


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      No it doesnt for me...they still let you fill up a pool when you have one put in.
      Water company and older people make you feel guilty for it, but I think water companies here and the government need to do more to catch what little rain we do have

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      No it doesn't effect you day to day, there are grants now for people to put in rain water tanks and to mulch the garden and plant naitives etc, they do add a water levy to save the murray on your water bill which we paid $8.20 for the last quarter, if you are renting to start with you only pay for excess water usage in most cases, so shouldn't effect you. You can still get your car washed at the car wash and at the moment they have hose pipe bans during the week then at the weekend you can use it depending if your in an odd or even no house.
      I think the biggest fear in the summer months is bush fires as the ground is so dry, but that would only really be a problem if you were going to live up in the hills area, or near scrub land.Having said that there are a large number of cfs and mfs trained friefighters so things are dealt with very quickly. Don't mean to worry you about something else this is just my opinion and it hasn't put me off living here for the last 13 years nor will it do so! Hope this helps you? Good luck with your journey!

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      Its no reason not to immigrate, its only a problem if you want a large green garden or like to use stacks of water washing your car all the time. theres no shrotage of water or restrictions for the necessities eg. drinking, showering washing dishes etc and the average water bill has stayed around the same $700 per year. There are ways around the problem if you want to spend a bit of money on some water tanks where you can catch the winter rain water and store in for summer when theres a shortage so you can use it for your garden , pool ect.


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