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    Thread: Oh bum!

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      Oh bum!

      Pickfords might be going into liquidation, just as we thought we had our shipping all sewn up and sorted. Quote from today's news -

      "Meanwhile, a cloud of uncertainty hung over up to 1,100 jobs at Pickfords, the UK's oldest removals firm, after its owner warned the business faced going into administration unless a buyer could be found. "

      We had booked for them to come on 17th March and we were starting to relax and actually enjoy the procedure again. Now my stress level has gone back up to 100% and I'm starting to think that this is a bad idea. What if they go bust whilst our stuff is out on the open ocean??? ARGH!!

      Sorry, just had to vent.

      Traci x

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      Ohhh Traci,

      I'm sure it will be fine, as your items will be insured and you will have paid before it leaves, Pickfords will have a legal obligation at the port in Adelaide for their costs too.

      Just look forward to getting there, chin up x
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Richard & Amanda
      Hmmmmmmmm interesting.

      We had a quote from Pickfords and found it to be the most competitive and had decided to go with them too.

      Time to try another firm I suppose. I'm not gonna take the risk.
      Having said that, their sales bloke rang me last week asking did we have a definate date for the move yet. Perhaps he is trying to drum up business.

      We thought we were going to go end of Feb, if we sell the house then it will now be end of March. If we don't sell then hubby is going to have to go as he has a job to start and I will be left here sorting out all the mess!

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      Oh dear that isnt good news. Thought the sales guy was very good and we were just about to sign up with them.

      Back to the drawing board

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      I all is Allied Pickfords the same company as we were about to sign as well? GOOD QUOTE!!

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      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think weve had a lucky escape it was a toss up between pickfords and John mason. We plonked for John Mason on the toss of a coin. Good luck with finding someone else.

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      Thanks guys. Apparently if you've paid them, you're covered by insurance, but as we haven't settled the bill yet, we will try to find someone else, if not (as it's a short time period), we will pay them by credit card, and then at least the money's safe if they go bust!

      Who'd have thought it eh, a company the size of Pickfords!

      T xx


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