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      Mobile phones and electrical items?

      Hi all

      It's been a while since I have been on the site, but I have been reading so well done to everyone who has got their visas and good luck to everyone still on that journey.

      Me and my OH got our visas granted last week and booked the flights yesterday leaving on 2 august. So it's really happening and all very real now.

      Lots to do between now and then. I have started to look at everything we want to take and wondered if anyone already there can give me some advice on electricals. We want to bringTV, hi-fi and various kitchen gadgets - can these be easily converted and is it expensive?
      Also our mobilesare quite old - is it better to but a handset here and then just get sim cards when we get there?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

      Vicks & Stu

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      Congratulations on getting your visa,s may the mayhem commence, all electrical appliances will work fine, all you need to do is change the plugs.

      We had our phones unlocked before we came over and just bought pay as you go sim cards to keep us going until we found a mobile service provider and contract that suited our needs.

      Good luck


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      Mobile phones.

      Well I thought I was being REALLY clever on this one when we came over. I had checked the service providers in Oz and found out about Vodafone so on the way to the airport I had the OH stop off at Tescos. Understandably he was not happy as this was not the time to be shopping in his opinion but he was quite impressed and I explained my logic - it helped I'd bought him one too.

      Anyway we got here, went to top up the phone at Vodafone here, can't be done. But I explained, I have a pretty picture on my phone saying Vodafone and you have a pretty picture in your shop that looks the same. My husband thought I was mad and so did the staff.

      So we had to wait till August when a friend of ours came over and took the phone back to get unlocked and then brought them back out with her in December.



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