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    Thread: Email compromised ***??!?!?!**

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      Did you reply to one of those e-mails where you thought you were going to get some African kings pot of gold or a Russian lottery win..... ?

      Seriously though it's very worrying that they can do this so easily. it reminds us we all have to be a little more vigilant..

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      I'm all for changing passwords regularly as a general rule, but the reality is this sort of hacking can happen with a new password just as easily. It's not usually a case of them getting your password because it's obvious or because you've had it awhile - that's not how hacked email accounts work (if it was, they'd change your password as soon as they compromise you in order to lock you out and take full control).

      By all means change passwords regularly (as I say, it's good practice), but don't feel anymore secure because of it - especially when it comes to web basedl accounts such as gmail, hotmail etc. The best thing you can do is not add anybody to contact lists but type their addresses in manually each time, or copy and paste from a doc that's stored locally (a pain, I know, but contact lists are the most vulnerable parts of email systems and also the easiest way for viruses to spread) and delete messages when they're no longer required (not forgetting to delete whatever's in the delete box!)


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      Aussie Rob- joking apart, we had had some similar stuff come through like that in our spam folder, reported it and deleted it without reading as always have preview set up.

      Jim & Adel - Thanks for the good advice. To be honest, set up new email address, changed every single password for everything on my pc but like you suggested have not put contact details in. Once I have read my emails, I am deleting them straight away and emptying (paranoid now) apart from the ones that I need to keep for work until it is actioned but I am putting them in folders. What else can you do??

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