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    Thread: 2 year update

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      2 year update

      Can't believe it's been two years (well, tomorrow). I'm gonna be quick, don't want to bore you all too much....

      5 houses and 2 jobs in the 2 years we've been here. Made some great mates. You know who you are;) Tyke made settling in amazing, I'll never forget some complete stranger taking me out on his beautiful boat as soon as I arrived, we never did get that big snapper though. Made a good mate for life in Ben (Weez), working with him made me stay in Oz, I reckon we'd have gone home in the first year if I hadn't been lucky enough to work with a top bloke with the same attitude as me - we'd work bloody hard but them some days I'd say 'the salmon are in', he'd say he fancied a ride so off we'd go, me fishing and Ben shaving his legs ready for a bike race. By ride I mean on a mountain bike!

      Then, 9 months in, I got offered the job of a lifetime, one of less than 40 Fisheries Officers in the whole state. But it meant we had to move to Mount Gambier. I've loved it here, the office is a boat on the Southern Ocean, 4wd or quad bike in Canunda NP. I can also honestly say that I've finally made some great Aussie mates, something a lot don't do when in that circle of Expat mates in Adelaide (I was guilty of this!). We have an amazing house on 1.5 acres, 3 mins from the ocean and I now own a proper fishing boat, ocean kayak and a Nissan Patrol - never thought I'd have any of this. Getting towed around by BIG KGW in the kayak is awesome! We've even managed to find a dog and 3 cats - don't think we can go back to the UK just yet.

      Lisa has struggled as all her mates were in Adelaide and the weather here isn't as warm, it's still a bloody site better than the UK though. She's just started work at a crayfish factory so hopefully she'll settle, if not I can always get a transfer. I bought her a surfboard, which she loves, she just misses snorkelling at Noarlunga, it's a bit cooler down here. The kids are in an area school, it's about 500m away and has 200 kids from 5 to 18. It's really friendly and they absolutely love it.

      Anyway, I said I'd be quick. I reckon I'm definitely one of the really lucky ones, having a stable job I'd happily do for nothing. It's not all easy though, gotta work on making Lisa happy but we'll get there.


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      Onya Mate.........................
      Ya forgot to mention the pleasure of me blocking your bog up!!!



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