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    Thread: Lots of weeks in

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      Lots of weeks in

      Can't remember how long we have been here now, but thought I would update quickly.

      Internet access is an ongoing bugbear, hence me not being here very often at all, however still totally and utterly loving Oz so so much, despite being to some places we didn't completely love.

      Have done the SW corner of WA, and travelled along the South Coast to Esperance before heading up to the Goldfields. After that we are going to loop back over to Geralton and up the W coast heading to the North for the Dry. We did debate whether to go over the Nullarbour to pop into Adelaide, but decided we would wait for next summer now lol.

      Things don't seem massively expensive, however aren't cheap either, but we are bumbling along quite happily in our little Buschi and managing at the moment to keep living costs to about an average of $20 a night (lots of free camping!), food is creeping up as we get more extravagant though - food prices in most places (both HUGE towns and tiny sleepy little country towns, population:5) seem to be around the same as the UK, it just depends on what you buy and altering it to the prices rather than sticking to a rigid shopping list. Considering we only can cook on a little camp stove, we are limited by that, but doing quite well we think.

      I broke two toes yesterday, but can't report back on what Medicare or the hospitals are like as I haven't bothered with it (not much point for a broken little toe, I don't think they can do anything for it, its not at a funny angle or anything, just bleeding painful and swollen and an odd colour), but every time we come in contact with services (eg bank) they generally are good (apart from our initial issues with the bank lol). As long as things don't go wrong, they are happy campers here - when they do go wrong, they panic slightly and don't know what to do it seems.

      Anyway, loving WA lots (for different reasons in different places), and still super exicted about reaching SA eventually (another reason for going the long way round to it...may pop across the centre to get there if I can't wait any longer though lol).

      Hope everyone here is good,

      me and hubby
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      Thanks for the update! Your camping trip sounds amazing but two broken toes....?! Ouch!

      Good luck with the rest of your trip.

      All fab here in SA! Couldn't be better!

      Lyn x
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      Rachael Reeve
      Sounds like you are having a great time ( apart form the toes ) good luck on the rest of your trip.



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