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      Question Airbrush tanning

      Hi, not sure what thread to put this under, does anybody in Oz have spray tans as I did a course here in the UK and have got the compressor etc, didn't know whether to sell it here or to bring it to OZ? can anybody help?



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      Tonnes of people have spray tans, not sure about air brush tanning, ours is a compressor and sprays out! There are also tanning booths that you stand in and are automatic, havent heard much good about those as you have to hold your breath for a while!!
      If you can change the plug then bring it with you.

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      Hi, yes that's what mine does, it's more for the mobile airbrush sprayer as is smaller and lighter, is your one in a salon or are you mobile, and how much do they charge for a spray. What's the solutions like do they come off quickly when you sweat?
      Thanks Lynn

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      The one that is made here in SA is the one that seems popular. The bronzer, once dry only rubs onto the close fitting things, but the tan, once showered is even. The average price for a spray is $25.


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