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      Richard & Amanda
      Congratulations Kimberley,

      That must be a whole weight off your mind.

      I don't think we could have been that brave!!!!

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      Congratulations on a brave move, now that you have gone into contract on the property (I presume) you would be well advised to get buildings insurance ASAP even though settlement is not until early March, if anything God forbid was to happen to the property you could be liable, although officially the property is not yours. Strange way to conduct buisness I know but true,
      Your conveyancer should clarify this, here are acouple of insurance companies for you to look at,

      All the best


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      Quote Originally Posted by Kiki View Post
      Hi Guys,

      We we have gone and done it. Bought our 1st property on Ozzie soil. Some might think we are mad but I had a burning desire to get on the property ladder. So our visa was granted in Dec and we started looking in January. things move really quick and things all been well the house will be ours the 7/3/08 and we will see our property for the first time when we visit 25/3/08.

      Obviously we have seen it online.. and as others have done before us asked a trusty member of PIA ( Sarah aka likesshopping) to give it the once over. Sarah was fab and sent lots of pictures of the property and although I don't know Sarah (true) I did trust her judgement as she bought her house on line from the UK and her house was my first dream house when we searched the real estate by in June/July last year and remeber feeling really envious of the home she had bought. So thanks again Sarah for your valuable input. We are so excited but are not moving till Jan 09 so the house will be rented out until then.

      i do have a question for home owners out there in Adelaide I need to sort out buildings insurance or should it be landlord insurance Help!!!!:embarrassed:Any tips would really be appreciated.

      So house buying from blighty is still fresh (although Im knackered all those late nights) in my mind if you have any questions ask away.

      Kimberley x:p
      Big congrats on house.
      Do you know you need house insurance as soon as your cooling off period ends? Even though money hasn't been exchanged and you are not the legal owner you are legally obliged to insure it.

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      Hi guys

      Thanks for your replies. We have a 30 day cover note and need to get the insurance sorted by 7/3/08.

      Thanks again Kimberley x


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