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    Thread: 3 and a bit months in Oz

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      3 and a bit months in Oz

      So, we've been here fo what seems like long enough to start getting a handle on Ozzie life a little, even if we haven't been in one spot for more than a week or so.

      We are completely totally and utterly smitten, and I don't think anything could ever make me get back on a plane to the UK, even for a holiday.

      We are now up in The Kimberly region of WA, about to go over to NT, and totally smitten with the area - would not be surprised if we didn't try and get a job on a station up here at one point.

      Things we have learnt - generally 'junk' food is really really expensive but good stuff isn't so bad; aussie women (or at least, the type who have caravans or fifth wheelers) have LOUD voices and laughs; they do bad things to sausages here (curried snag anyone? ); the wildlife isn't actually all that bad (from someone PETRIFIED of spiders who has been camping for the past 3 months in all sorts of middle of nowhere places!); generally people are much friendlier and happier and nicer than we were used to in the places we lived in the UK; the sun doesn't always shine, but pretty much 99.9% of the time :P

      We just love it, all the little niggles we have are still UK generated, the aussie side of things (eg removals) have all been super easy, its just the UK side that have mucked up/made things more difficult etc.

      Will give you all another update when we get back to civilisation once again after the next bit of bush.

      PS - if you ever get the chance to do the Gibb River Road - DO IT, and stop in at Home Valley Station.So SO SO beautiful, stunning and amazing, it almost made me cry it is so beautiful up here.
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      Good to hear you are having a fab time :) Holiday mode is a lovely thing and being away from the daily grind of life can be so refreshing. Even if you are doing casual work along the way, its all an adventure and sounds like its a great one. Am just a wee bit envious.

      Look forward to reading your next update.

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      We've been to Gibb River Road :) It is simply splendid. Nature's beauty is simply breathtaking!



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