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    Thread: Going back

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      thank you so much for your detailed reply, its really helps alot to hear from someone who has obviously experienced the same thoughts and feelings, and has actually been brave enough to go back and see for your self. nothing ventured nothing gained, you may feel peace and feel able to lay some strong roots down when you get bcak, and it will ahve been a great experience for the kids. our kids think we're mad having emmigrated from nz last yeat to adelaide, and it still hasnt filled that home sick feeling, you start to wonder. how long have you been back in the uk? where abouts in the uk are you? how have the kids found it in comparison to their life in adelaide? how have you found the schools?

      shame that your mates have moved on, thats exactly what i think would be the case with ours, i think our mentality has changed a whole lot since we last socialised with our crown in 2003, we're probably all different people now, will you moving back to modbury? did you sell up or just rent ? hope fully you can slot back into your australian lifestyle quickly

      thanks once again
      Have been back in the UK two years next week. It was not so bad in the beginning, people were bending over backwards to see you, but now it is same old same old and I thought it would all be so different. My daughter came back with us but she went back home to Oz over five weeks ago as she hated living in England. She was born and raised in the UK until she was 9, then most of her major schooling in Oz till she was 19, so she is well an Aussie.

      As for the kids, they fitted in ok, but they miss their grandparents terribly. We have found the schools to be on a par in some areas, but lacking in others. However, our boy who is autistic has made great strides since coming to England, so I guess there has been some consolation in that respect...

      We are on the outskirts of Nottingham, well border of Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire. Lifestyle I have found is not so outdoorish so to speak compared to Oz and I guess I myself got used to that... My Mrs on the other hand has not settled so well, she is not the same person she was before leaving for England, but then again she is an Aussie so has found the transformation more difficult than myself...

      We are going to be looking towards maybe Fullarton area, or thereabouts. We sold our home in Oz, but because of the work situation, we basically lived of what we had left and the proceeds from the sale, it has been a very very expensive learning curve but I guess one that I had to do to realise that England was not where I wanted to be.

      They say the grass is greener, I agree it is not, but you have to put your heart somewhere and to be honest I think I left mine there, even though my head was telling me differently..

      Regards :)
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      you were brave to try it and hopefully once u get back you will not yearn so badly for england, and just cherish the memories, at least now you may feel more affirmed in yoir chosen pathway and at peace with it. at least you have been able to make a choice as many do not have a choice to experience life in different countries, as im writing this im thinking god I should listen to this, soemtimes i just feel if soemone would video the town i was from and go around for one day with a hidden camera, it will reaffirm our choice that we made in 2003. but although i ask no one will do it lol they think im mad.

      glad to hear your son has benefitted from the schooling intervention thats great. its not a cheap exercise is it we emmigrated for the 2nd time last year and is breaks you financially, we are only just started to see the wood for the trees, there 's so many hidden costs, and my hubby was unemployed for 6 months, which was very hard and unexpeceted. exciting times ahead for you and your family,

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      I lived in the Ingle Farm area for 12 years before I came back to the UK last year... can't wait til I've managed to save enough money to move back to Oz again (what we do for our dogs eh??!).... My Dad thinks I'm completely insane and has been very judgmental about the whole move but unless you experience it, it's impossible to know the heart wrenching feelings of loss and the 'what ifs' that haunt you when you have been away from family and friends for so long.

      This little magical mystery tour back to the UK has made me unhappier than I've ever been in my life, but I've learned so many amazing lessons that I wouldn't change it for the world.... although a small lottery win would be good to pay for the dog shipping, lol!! The best learning is that my Aussie friends mean the world to me and while I originally thought they would never quite live up to my Pommy friends cos I haven't known them as long.... I've now realised that they are the ones who have supported me through thick and thin over the last 12 years and I was a blooming eeejit to leave them!! So... time to get saving I think!!... :D
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