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      ozzy wannabe

      aircraft work

      hi there

      we are just about to fly to Adelaide and I am after a bit of help on the job front.

      I am an AME (airframes) and was wondering if anyone had any good leads or contacts which I could chase up when we arrive.

      I have experience on fixed and rotary wing, including blade and composite repairs

      It would be great to hear from anyone who is in the same boat or can help in anyway.

      If you could PM me that would be fantastic.

      kind regards

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      Smile Avionics AME

      Hi M8
      I'm an Avionics AME and we've been here just over 5 months and really struggled to find work in SA. Plenty of job offers on the East coast, even an instructors job in Brissie but so far only managed some contracting work in Darwin and Newcastle. Seems to be plenty of work in the defence industry but you need to be a citizen to get the clearanaces.
      Because ADL airport is quite small most of the airlines treat it as an outstation so nothing too big here....yet. Qantas have a hangar and National Jet seem to be the biggest employer so maybe worth trying them, I had an interview with them when we first got here but they were laying off rather than recruiting as the Coastwatch mod prog on the Dash 8's was coming to an end. CHC helicopters might be worth trying too, I know they have some Super Puma G checks coming up, I have my fingers crossed there. If you're into GA then Parafield is pretty busy and looking for experienced guys, but pretty poorly paid as is GA in the UK.
      If you'd like to PM me I'll give you our e mail addies and phone numbers, would be great to meet up for a chat/drink/barbie etc :).
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