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    Thread: How's this for a coincidence...?

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      How's this for a coincidence...?

      All the times I have been calling with Chess moving who are dealing with my container I was getting reports on the container location that differed from the tracking website, and ETAs that didn't match either.

      Well after a number of times of being annoyed at being given different information each time eventually someone there told me that they had another client with the same name, not just same surname but the same name. I must say I actually didn't believe them.
      Would you? I mean...

      If I met someone in a bar, that had the same name as me, I would be quite surprised. Quite a coincidence, not unheard of, but a remarkable quirk of happenstance.

      If that same guy in a bar in Adelaide, that had the same name as me told me had moved from the UK, even years ago, I would be more surprised.

      If he told me that he had the same name as me, moved from the UK, and moved at the same time as me (as in within a week, not just the same half of the same year), and with the same shipping company as well?

      I probably, no DEFINITELY, wouldn't believe him.

      Well, my container has been delivered to Adelaide now (as has the other Mr H's) and is sitting waiting for them to clear my customs payment, and when I called to arrange a delivery date I had to deal with a different person than normal who wasn't au fait with the potential for confusion. I asked her to check it was the right container...
      "Holland, S?" she asked,
      "Yes, but there's another Steven Holland so please check."
      "S & J Holland?"
      "Yes" I replied. My wife is Jennifer.
      "Seaford Rise?"
      "Err, no, Belair".
      "Hmmm, Steven and Jan Holland?"
      "Steven and Jen Holland." corrected I.
      "It says Jan here... and Stephen with a P H"
      "That's not me, I use a V. Wait, are you saying that my other namesake has a wife named Jan, whereas mine is Jen?"
      "Jan, Yes... hold on... Janette. Our screen only shows up to the 'n' as the field isn't long enough."

      I was, and still am, astounded. No wonder we've been confused for one another for the last 3 months, as far as their look up system goes, we are typos of each other!

      Can anyone beat that for coincidence?

      Oh and I hope the AQIS report doesn't find anything wrong in their crate... and they're not shipping anything illegal... I can't imagine trying to get a border official to believe that I'm not the Steve Holland that has recently moved from the UK to Adelaide using Chess moving that they're looking for... they want the other one... I watch Border Security, if that were on TV everyone'd totally think I was lying as it's such a ridiculous thing to try and assert!

      (I'm not suggesting that Stephen and Janette Holland are criminals, by the way, just highlighting how crazy a situation that would be!)

      In fact if Stephen and Janette use this site... Hello!

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      It'll be interesting to see what happens if you ever meet. In sci-fi if you meet yourself the space time continuum is disrupted and the universe ends in a blinding flash of light.

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      not as important as yours but lol

      i went to the libarary the other day and had forgot my card,so they asked my name i told them anneka cowley,they said at happy valley.

      no i said im hallett cove,she said spell your name so i did,

      she said oh this other persons name is spelt anika cowley

      im sorry but i think they have got it wrong somewhere,there is no way there is somebody who has the same name as me in the space of distance lol



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