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      Who moved to Adelaide without visiting

      sorry if this question has been asked before, but im a newbie and i'll blame it on that hehe!
      Who moved to Adelaide without ever being to Australia before? We are thinking about doing this, the reason being is we dont have a massive amount of money and we could use the money we would have spent on a reccie for starting up. I just want to hear some stories (good / bad) of people that have done this, as i know my parents and friends will think we are mad, but we really want to do as much research as poss and make a go of it..if it doesnt work out then we'll move on.
      Please let me know of what you think
      Thanks Louise

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      no visit

      Hi Louise, we were planing to go until i stumbled across the fact that of aprox 100 people a day that left to go to oz last year only 20 had paid a visit before 80 were going blind, also a friend is waiting for his visa and he had done a reccie, but on his return after spending 3000 on the trip, all it did was confirm his thoughts.

      That is was the move for them, it is what you think,and oz does exactly what it says on the tin, so he wishes he had saved his money so in view of this we hope to go blind with the help of the internet and this very helpfull and friendly site there is nothing you cant find out. Just getting TRA together Gra, Jac Holly and Owen

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      We havn't been to Adelaide or anywhere near it. Can't wait to go. Dont plan on doing a reckie - need all the money we can to start up when we get there (hey I sound confident WHEN we get there) Fingers crossed.

      May see you there too.

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      We are going to Adelaide and indeed to Australia for the first time when we make the big move in October. Like the rest of you we need to save every penny for when we set up home there. So in short you're not mad- unless we all are too 8) .

      Jen :D

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      We fly out 4 weeks tomorrow and have never been to OZ let alone Adelaide. On the plus side we have no false expectations from holidays there :lol:

      It is a big adventure moving half way round the world so just one more bit of excitement to add to it all 8)


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      Pesky Varmit
      Hi there
      We did and have here been four months and loving it!We had never been to any part of Oz, we couldn't afford to come for a reccie!
      Good luck :)

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      That's fantastic and reassuring thank you..so if anyone quotes us a mad i can now show them this website :D
      Great to hear success stories!

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      Hi, we haven't done a reccie either - but our eldest son went on a hockey tour and before he went, he wasn't keen on the idea. He totally fell in love with Oz and we have 2 other sets of friends who have made the move to Perth and Melbourne and they both love it and wish they'd done it years ago! Also with 4 kids :roll: we couldn't afford to take them all and my mum is too old to look after them. As it is, eldest doesn't want to go. I am going to tell my family today about our move over a family dinner (hopefully) keep chickening out - wish me luck (stiff G&T or Ozzie wine first methinks)

      Cari x :)

      waiting for skills assessment from TRB

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      Sue & Ash
      we probably won't be going before - i only have to sell it to oh now :lol:
      but i figure what could you actually gather in 3 weeks in holiday mood?!
      and as all the others i rather spend that money on something to settle down nicely :) (of if we really really don't like it .. which i doubt! - use it on coming back?!)

      good luck

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      Furthest south I've ever been is Ibiza :lol: :lol: :lol:

      We will go out blindish. As Jools says we need all our money to get there. It makes it more of an adventure and if we don't go now we never will. Don't want to look back in ten years time saying 'What if?' At the end of the day we can always come back.............................yeah right!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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