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    Thread: Olympic Dam expansion 'shelved'.

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      Thanks all for the responses - at least I now know I didn't dream it!

      Like Trevor I do wonder what will happen to the states in this country that actually have a mining boom when it does get tough (mining accounts for a third of WA's GSP, about 12% in Qld and just 4% in SA), although places like Perth have managed to build and pay for incredible infrastructure from mining and plough money into other sectors as a result of it, so they've already done very well out of it as Perth's skyline suggests (and many businesses outside of mining have head offices in Qld, which has a more diversified economy than WA).

      I've been to plenty of mines in this state - there has been some growth in the last couple of years but let's not blow it out of proportion; the roles created have only replaced the ones lost in the previous four or five years. Mining added 44,000 jobs in the last couple of years - 4,000 of these have been in SA, but in the preceding period SA shed 5,000 mining roles so it's only putting back what used to be there.


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      I hear that, JimJustin and could not have said it better myself. What you write is absolutely on the money...it's like one of my "old timer miner" friends says - "people outside of SA just don't actually realise what is going on here, they don't understand the ground" (and by that he is referring to those that he terms as the "suits", "they've never gotten their shoes dirty in their life" in the other places like ACT, NSW and VIC).

      He's not one to 'talk up' the industry or SA, he just tells it as he sees it - and believe me, he's seen a bit of digging and he's seen people come and go, so I wouldn't be betting against him !


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