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      Thumbs up The phone call came!!

      We had a phone call today at 9.33am to tell us to send our passports ready for our visa, still can't believe I'm writing this.... I'm always reading everyone elses good news!!! Can't tell our daughters until later, the youngest has gone to a friends for tea (after 2 years of hard work we still have to wait!!!!) Need to tell them both together.
      I told my husband, luckily he had a day off work and was at home. I cried, which actually took me by surprise, I think it was seeing all the tension in his face suddenly disappear!
      I wasn't sure how I would react,still can't really take it in. We can finally start planning after such a long time and tell people 'YES' we are going!!
      My oldest daughter has just come in and I'm dying to tell her, aswell as trying to hide this message from her!!
      Laura x

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      [wow laura i am really pleased for you, i got a big lump in my throat when i read your post.
      just carnt wait for that day to happen to us guys fingers toes eyes ears etc crossed;)

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      well done guys!

      Hope to be there with you all soon too


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      Quote Originally Posted by the4hopes View Post
      We had a phone call today at 9.33am to tell us to send our passports ready for our visa, still can't believe I'm writing this.... Laura x
      It's such a monentous occassion you even took note of the time

      Congrats again

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      Congratulations let the chaos commence,


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      great news!!!!!! well done to finally coming to an end

      i hope the hangover is not too bad

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      Another one through:):):):)

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      jill wright

      thats fantastic news sure we all can relate to how your feeling and hope to be there one day!!! Have you sold your house yet ?

      Good luck and keep us posted

      the Wrights

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      Hi Jill,
      No we havent sold the house, we had it valued last week. We need to do a bit of painting and tidying! Hopefully it wont take too long to sell as we are in a good area. We dont really want to move out though until about July when the girls have finished school as we may be living in a one bedroom caravan until we go. Also we need to find another home for our two much loved cats, and a lovely rabbit.This is the biggest worry we have,the one thing getting in our way.
      Laura x

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      jill wright
      Hi Laura

      Hope you sell soon think most people seem to put house up for sale once get visa. We were wondering what to do ourselves suppose its abit of a catch22 situation if you put it up before getting visa and it sells where do you live etc.

      Anyway must be great having your visa.Good luck



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